12 Startups that use Blockchain technology in new ways

12 Startups that use Blockchain technology in new ways

The cryptocurrency generated quite a stir last year. Although technology has existed for some years, 2017 was the year it really took off. Bitcoin, the first application of cryptocurrency technology, reached $ 20,000 per coin, while coins like Ethereum also saw their prices rise. However, the technology behind these tokens, blockchain, has many more applications than cryptocurrencies.

Through a network of intelligent contracts that operate using decentralized information in a ledger, blockchain can provide unparalleled security and speed for data transfers. This means that blockchain technology has an application in almost every industry where value is exchanged.

For this reason, many new companies have begun to explore how this technology can change the way the world works. Here are twelve of those startups, each of which is using blockchain technology in new ways.

1. FR8

The blockchain network of  Fr8  facilitates the digitalization of records related to the exchange of assets, even in scenarios in which intermediaries and brokers feel incentivized to resist the change. Last year, trucks drove 29 billion empty miles in the United States alone. By applying blockchain, Fr8 helps optimize and organize the industry in a reliable way.


Internet of Services (  IOST  ) is a new cryptocurrency that attempts to solve scalability problems. A technological descendant of Ethereum, IOST is a chain of blocks with the purpose of serving as an infrastructure for developers to create decentralized applications. Building on a blockchain allows companies to eliminate intermediaries and also gives them peace of mind in terms of data security, since blockchain networks are notoriously secure.

3. ImpactPPA

ImpactPPA  is creating SmartPPA (PPA means power purchase agreement), a platform that connects the blockchain community with environmentally conscious and social impact projects that feed the development of sustainable solutions. The platform is designed to manage renewable energy resources from generation to distribution and payment. Its objective is to solve the most pressing environmental and humanitarian problems in the world.

4. ShipChain

ShipChain  is a cargo and logistics platform built in blockchain. The platform focuses on end-to-end tracking and tracing, which allows unification across the entire supply chain, among all operators. ShipChain is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) along with Microsoft and Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), along with UPS and DHL. The company recently announced a pilot program with Perdue Farms.

5. Nano Vision

Nano Vision  is empowering the citizens of the world to intensify and lend their efforts to promote research and development of disease prevention. Through the inherently decentralized solution of blockchain, anyone, be they scientists, doctors or simply committed civilians, will have access to the data that has been collected and the research that has been recorded on the Nano Vision platform. The initiative anticipates that this will drive new steps in the research process, which will generate a faster innovation.

6. Inverniam

Inveniam  is the first organization to successfully structure and tokenize a debt instrument that can be quoted in a public market. Equipped with a functional product, Inveniam uses decentralized accounting technology (DLT) and contracts and “regulated” tokens to transform the structuring, compensation, custody and settlement of fixed income instruments. This “regulated” token acts as the access key for all the underlying documentation associated with the debt, which is exchanged with the token during the term of the instrument.

7. BuzzShow

BuzzShow  is a platform that incorporates contribution tests to reward users of online videos. It focuses on the creation of a decentralized social video ecosystem with a complete economic cycle and rewards for creating, selecting, viewing and sharing videos. Users retain total privacy and control over their videos within the social media space. The platform currently has more than 15,000 users.

8. Pattern

Patron  is a global influential marketing platform built with blockchain technology. Started by Atsushi Hisatsumi, an influential and enterprising Japanese, the company seeks to connect global influencers with brands in a safe and transparent ecosystem. The benefits of the platform include the elimination of the most common intermediate tariffs, incentives and voting using tokens to join parties. The company has raised more than $ 10 million to date.

9. Photochain

Photochain  is a decentralized photography platform built in blockchain. With the use of the Photochain market, photographers can retain up to 95 percent of their potential profits, while ensuring that all copyrights and protections are in place using the digital copyright chain solution (DCC). ) of the company. The market will also connect buyers for a fair and uninterrupted experience, eliminating most of the fees and copyright issues that are currently in the archive photography market.

10. ODEM

ODEM  is the first decentralized educational market on demand in the world. Using the power of blockchain technology and its contract-based intelligent payment platform, ODEM will allow students and teachers to interact directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries. This means greater access to quality education at a lower cost, which helps close the educational gap for millions of students around the world.

11. MEVU

MEvU  is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) betting application that allows people to bet on anything, at any time and against anyone. MEvU uses smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain to store players’ funds and information, giving players the confidence that their bets will run safely and quickly. The objective is to reduce games on the black market and, at the same time, promote fun and transparent games between the parties.

12. Boon Tech

Boon Tech  is a micro-employment platform driven by artificial intelligence in blockchain. With technology developed to eliminate the volatility of cryptocurrencies in its platform, Boon Tech has the potential to revolutionize the independent economy. As a business partner of IBM, Boon Tech uses IBM Watson AI algorithms in its classification and revision systems available on the platform.

Source:  www.entrepreneur.com

About the author: Mauricio Sevilla