Blockchain transforming the energy sector

A new report argues that there are many applications and use cases for blockchain technologies in the energy sector, but warns that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The report was prepared by Energy Cities, the European association of local authorities in energy transition, and consulted several industry figures. Some blockchain applications in the sector […]

¿What’s next for blockchain?

I recently saw a Bloomberg chart indicating that the  total investment in cryptocurrencies so far is $ 0.3T. I think it looks good writing it as $ 0.3T that $ 300B. $ 0.3T makes it look like a promising field, while $ 300B makes it look like it has already been achieved. Of course, Bloomberg […]

How to build a Blockchain application?

In the technological community, the blockchain plays a vital role in developing the considerable attention of the digital book. The blockchain is immutable, encrypted and distributed today every decentralized system, application or centralized function. However, the most common examples are banking, insurance, currency exchange, voting, contract management, etc. The blockchain reduces intermediaries, maintains transparency and […]