Basic topics to invest in cryptocurrencies

Given the rise of new technologies, especially in the new economy, we must pay attention to how the new phenomena develop, especially with the new formulas in the form of cryptocurrencies, despite their advantages and disadvantages, mostly in relation to the policies of each country. Next, we will see the basics that you need to know […]

Etheremon the ether monsters game

Etheremon is a decentralized application / blockchain game built on the Ethereum network. Simulate a world of ether monsters (Etheremon) where you can capture, trade and evolve Etheremon to defeat others. As a decentralized application, or dApp, nobody controls the Etheremon world, and no one can take away your Etheremon or cheat you in this […]

Amazon announces Blockchain-as-a-Service (BAAS) sandbox for developers

Amazon Web Services has partnered with Digital Currency Group to create a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution for financial services companies  according to a Forbes report: “Today, in financial services, distributed accounting technology is at the forefront of any innovation-related debate, AWS is working with blockchain financial institutions and suppliers to drive innovation and facilitate friction-free experimentation,” he […]