How can I invest in an ICO and not lose?

Zeon, a community-driven project that works to solve the main problems of the encryption industry, seems to have the answer to this burning question. We can all admit that we were once newcomers to cryptoeconomics, which, from time to time, received a message like this or quite similar. The experienced can affirm without remorse of […]

This is how blockchain can reduce inequality

One of the most important technological stories of 2017 was the explosion of public awareness of cryptocurrencies, driven by the skyrocketing prices of two of the main cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many pixels are still spent speculating on whether these prices are a bubble, if their increase announces the interruption of the currencies supported by […]

Eight main characteristics of Blockchain

Here are 8 key capabilities that have helped create this innovative platform that has the potential to modernize the post-marketing ecosystem: 1. The asset is incorporated:  the asset called Bitcoin is produced and managed entirely within the Bitcoin network. Therefore, the history and quantity of each Bitcoin movement is mathematically verifiable by the history recorded […]

Pros and cons of digital currency

The digital currency has advantages and disadvantages like any new technology. The way you evaluate this will determine how willing you are to accept the cryptocurrency and how they accumulate over time will be the key to knowing which currencies are successful and which fail. Here are three of the biggest pros and three of […]

The 6 best blockchain jobs of the future

While blockchain adoption continues to be slow, industries that include finance, manufacturing and healthcare are exploring the potential of developing technology to create business advantages, such as reduced operating costs, faster transaction speeds and safer records. It is estimated that some 1,520 new blockchain companies are looking for workers, along with several companies such as […]