3 investment platforms for ICO's

3 investment platforms for ICO’s


KICKICO is a crowdfunding platform based on online blockchain that allows its users (project authors, consultants, translators, speakers …) to raise funds through the blockchain-based tools offered by the platform, as well as smart contracts. The problem that KICKICO strives to solve is the wave of fraudulent ICOs that have arisen as a result of the successful ones. KICKICO combines two industries: blockchain and crowdfunding. Instead of centralized platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, KICKICO grants people the right to choose and protect their smart contracts. The KICKICO platform supports three types of fundraising campaigns: ICO, crowdfunding and crowdfunding. No other platform can boast of having the same level of flexibility and freedom of choice.

Benefits of KICKICO

KICKICO aims to change the way companies launch crowdfunding campaigns and how investors participate in them. These are some of the benefits proposed according to KICKICO’s white paper:

  • Allows the creation of a market within a platform
  • Motivate the authors of the project to succeed on the platform
  • Motivates the participants to be active
  • Protects investors from default values

Disadvantages of KICKICO

  •  Similar to Kickstarter, KICKICO only fits smaller-scale fundraising projects.
  •   It seems that the biggest advantage that KICKICO has over the most important players are the rates. However, KICKICO is not necessarily cheaper than current solutions. For example, Indiegogo charges 4% (the same as KICKICO) when a crowdfunding objective is reached.


Blocker is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain to launch ICO campaigns. Help users run a crowdsale campaign from A to Z: create smart contracts, generate an ERC20 compatible token, interact with investors and bounty hunters, raise funds and even find professional team members for your project . All this with zero real coding: the advanced user interface will allow any entrepreneur with a basic understanding of modern technology to launch a crowdsale. It offers an easy-to-use interface; numerous options such as smart contracts automatically written for specific purposes of a project and an API for third-party websites that would boost a campaign, among many other options. While everything seems quite promising, One of the most important features proposed in this solution is the absolute reliability of the entire ecosystem. More importantly, such a solution could become the first step in developing a reliable standard for crowdsourcing campaigns that the industry desperately needs. Such standards could eliminate all scam projects, allow the creation of more interesting projects and, eventually, become the link between traditional industries and the encryption industry.

Benefits of Blockstarter

  • BlockStarter has built a power plant similar to Ethereum where ICO can be created, marketed and financed easily.
  • Smart contracts are easily generated.
  • Board and panel not technology experts.

Disadvantages of Blockstarter

  • Wide availability of similar projects to launch ICOs like KICKICO.


Cryptonomos is an innovative platform for the realization of Token Launches and service tokens. Either through your website or mobile application. Cryptonomos facilitates the purchase and sale of Token Launches tokens in progress. As soon as you set up your Cryptonomos account, you can transfer funds directly from your bank or any external cryptocurrency wallet and start exploring ongoing Token Launches. Secure and protected with two-factor authentication, your cryptocurrency and your tokens are well protected. The mobile application is easy to navigate and gives you mobile access to exciting new opportunities. On the Cryptonomos platform, each transaction is recorded and you have access to detailed transaction histories through which you can track your profits, symbolic price increases, etc.

Benefits of Cryptonomos

  • The ICO services available in Cryptonomos cover the whole crowdsale process. Before ICO starts, it can help with legal analysis, the design of the ICO website, the economy of tokens and more.
  • Assist with technology such as secure fundraising, the development of tokens and the creation of a secure wallet for the user.
  • Cryptonomos also offers additional services such as the initial commitment of the sponsors, the custody of PR¸ and the management of community channels.

Disadvantages of Cryptonomos

  • Cryptonomos is still being developed as an ICO platform, so until companies adopt it widely, both users and companies should use it cautiously and not completely trust the platform for their organization.

Source:  howtotoken.com

About the author: Mauricio Sevilla