5 Promising Projects of Blockchain with Next ICO

5 Promising Projects of Blockchain with Next ICO

Today, with 2017 already behind us, we can say with certainty that it was a year in which cryptocurrencies and block chains really took off, and ICO’s madness swept the world at lightning speed. Hundreds of projects have turned to ICO as an attractive fundraising channel, and there is no doubt. In 2017, an amount close to $ 4 billion was raised through ICO worldwide.

Throughout the maturation of ICO, we have witnessed many cases, from direct scams such as Confido and frankly satirical ICO as Useless Ethereum Token, to the heavyweights of ICO: Paragon, Tezos, Filecoin and Bancor, to name a few. .

The reason for the remarkable attractiveness of ICO is a relatively low entry barrier, which allows startups to increase their sums of money. On the one hand, this creates a lot of room for all kinds of speculation, but, on the other hand, ICOs have become a powerful force to fuel progress and raise awareness of the blockchain and cryptocurrency among the masses. From the perspective of the democratization of technology, this is by no means a negative phenomenon.

While the market is still very attractive for startups, and the world is confident that more new ICO ideas will appear in the near future, there are already promising projects that will emerge in 2018, with plans and intentions to take ICO in the coming years. future.

Many of the innovative startup ideas remain in the shadow of other, more strident projects, simply because they do not use junk mail advertising on multiple channels to create excessive exaggeration around their businesses. However, although they are unknown to the public, they are recognized and respected within the inner circle of experts in cryptocurrencies.

Among such new companies, there are five promising blockchain projects that will execute their ICO shortly. Be sure to monitor them in 2018.


Founder:  Igor Chugunov

ICO Date:  February 1, 2018

This project, based in Singapore, claims to be “the first absolutely autonomous blockchain platform” that operates without the help of any external system. CREDITS  is a unique solution with no equivalent on the market that works at lightning speed. It allows users to make approximately one million transactions per second with a minimum processing time and low transaction fees. With such merits, CREDITS has the potential to become a generalized solution for companies for whom scalability is a priority. Therefore, CRÉDITOS is a perfect combination to create applications for finance, loan services, commerce, medicine, IoT, exchanges and more.

# 2  IHT

Fundador:  Ricky NG

ICO Date:  February 5, 2018

The goal of this ambitious Hong Kong company is to make microinvestments in the real estate sector perfect and profitable by bringing blockchain and smart contracts to the industry. They will use the technologies to divide real estate under their platform,   i-house.com   , which will be assigned and exchanged between several financial institutions, which will allow users to invest less with lower risks, but still benefit from the returns on investment . In other words, the platform serves as a place where real estate converges with developers, financial institutions and users for secure and transparent interactions.

# 3  Dether

Founder:  Hamid Benyahia

ICO Date:  February 7, 2018

Originally from France, Dether is the first peer-to-peer ethernet network in the world. The mission of the company is to make access to the cryptocurrency extend through its application, regardless of the level of user experience in cryptocurrencies. Dether serves as a bridge between those who buy and sell cryptocurrencies for Fiat, as well as a platform for physical stores that accept crypto payments. Both buyers and sellers can be easily found on the Dether map, where they can negotiate offers in an anonymous private conversation, while stores can be added to the map to be discovered by customers who pay in cryptography.

# 4  AdHive

Founder:  Dmitry Mayanov

ICO Date:  February 7, 2018

AdHive, an Estonian startup, will become the first social video advertising solution enabled for artificial intelligence based on blockchain technology. The platform was designed to completely automate the placement of native ads with multiple influential people in social networks, minimizing the time required to complete tasks. The advertiser only needs to create an advertising campaign, specifying all the details, tasks and price. After an influencer accepts the task, AI takes care of the rest. The payment is transferred to the influencer only after AI confirms the completion of the task.

# 5  BlockMesh

Founder:  Bjorn Dingemans

ICO Date:  February 28, 2018

This company based in Mauritius aims to interrupt the global communications industry. The goal of the project is to make the Internet accessible worldwide through the use of surplus bandwidth and wireless connections. Behind the platform is mesh network technology whose operating principle is based on Bluetooth or WiFi. This, together with blockchain, creates a decentralized global network with no cost of mobile devices that can transfer information from one to another to reach the final recipient. Members of the network whose devices are used for data transfers will be rewarded in MESH tokens.

About the author: Mauricio Sevilla