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BrandCrypt is a Blockchain strategy agency that specializes in ICOs and Blockchain marketing and communications.

We envision a world where access to angel investment in technology startups is democratized to everyone through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and secondary token market.

We deeply understand the ICO business and process, as well as the marketing strategies in constant evolution, so we developed a unique methodology to effectively maximize messaging impact and communications in the search for the investments.

Our ICOBoost™ method is meant to help and make effective the entire ICO marketing communication process, providing tools for materials production, confectioning a compelling whitepaper for the investors community, as well as marketing and communications (corporate image and web contents, contents writing, press releases, etc.).

We also count with a broad network of tier 1 partners in all the fields needed for the execution of a successful ICO: specialist legal counsels, PR-Public Relations with reach into key markets and an interesting network of investors in case our customers need finance support to operate till the ICO occurs.

We understand startups cashflow dynamics, so we adapted our business model and aligned to it: we charge a with a minimum fee on to kickoff the project to demonstrate both sides commitment, and we participate with a modest percentage of the ICO results as we believe and engage with our customers in a way that we see our work as an investment.

Our Services

ICO Strategic Marketing

Our marketing specialists will run our methodology with your team to develop together a total marketing and communications strategy for your ICO.

Contents production

Our content writers will produce the contents according to the communication needs as defined in our workshops, format, means, etc. We can be involved from corporate design (image, web, etc.) till contents as press releases, articles and key messaging, etc.


Our investments team will evaluate your ICO to participate in your project from its inception.

Whitepaper production

We will work with you to create the project Whitepaper to introduce the business and its business model for potential investors in which we will describe all of the significant and appealing features of your project or idea. We will also translate it to the most popular languages to ensure maximum outreach.

Social outreach

Our team of social media experts will work not only managing your social media in the ICO specific channels, but also to give a voice to journalists, specific publications and reach speaking opportunities at related events.

About Brandcrypt

A unique methodology executed by brilliant professionals

Brandcrypt’s marketing consulting services will deliver the following results:
Develop a compelling, differentiated ICO – Your ICO are your calling card to the outside world; use it wisely, and you can differentiate yourself and your value proposition from competing ones.
Reach new customers using both online and offline techniques – The importance of digital media can’t be ignored, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional media, either. We’ll develop for you a strategy that takes advantage of every platform available, offering you unprecedented exposure to investors and influencers.
Design a communication strategy to drive the messages at the right time – While at specific time we will need to educate potential investors, later we will need to make them identify with our vision and call them to action, leveraging such messaging strategy.
Maintain a vibrant secondary tokens market after the ICO – we'll keep the community vivid and keep the message alive to make investors to join our journey and make the investment a valid and relevant value.

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