9 steps to make your cryptocurrency marketing campaign a success

9 steps to make your cryptocurrency marketing campaign a success

Crypto is eating the world. The startups based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain have exploded in visibility and are a rage.

The financing of the initial offers of currencies (ICO) for startups has exceeded the most traditional risk financing, has leveled the playing field and is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs. Now anyone, anywhere in the world with the idea that people believe, can finance their business with crowdsale.

It is no longer just about Bitcoin. There are more than 1,500 emerging altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) in circulation with great promise of application beyond the currency. And more are being created every day.

We are in the early years of this rapidly evolving technology that could have a significant and transformative impact on all industries. This includes the interruption of online media and publication with advances in decentralized social networks, content management systems and advertising platforms.

Expect that 90% of encryption startups never gain traction

The technical knowledge and experience of the team is the backbone of all encryption projects that want to have a bright future in the long term.

But do not expect your white paper, road map or even the finished product to sell itself.

A good online marketing campaign with clear and open communication can do wonders and help differentiate your business in the jungle from thousands of projects.

All startups, including all cryptocurrency startups, are risky by nature. The tenedorable nature of open source cryptoassets makes experimentation easy and economical, leading to weaker attempts and more flaws.

You can expect 90% or more of all startups to fail. These are some of the most common reasons:

  • Some  can not execute  on their vision and purpose of the product.
  • Some  never launch a real product  to the market.
  • Some launch a product, but  never find an adequate product market  . They launch a product that is not necessary, a product that solves a problem that nobody has.
  • Some may throw a great product but  they do it too late and a competitor eats lunch.
  • Some fail because  no one finds out about them  because the company ignores sales and marketing.

Many in the fast-moving cryptocurrency industry come from technical or academic backgrounds with little or no experience in running a business or doing online marketing. This makes it more difficult to succeed despite the solid technical foundation.

How to run a great online marketing campaign for your cryptocurrency start

I have no experience in the blockchain space and the underlying technology, but I have researched and am an enthusiast of cryptography. With my experience with blogs, social networks and content marketing, I see the great difference that good communication can make for a cryptographic startup and this publication is my contribution to this new decentralized world.

This publication is your guide on how to run an online marketing campaign for your cryptocurrency startup. Simply doing the basics can well  separate  your  cryptoasset  , increase brand awareness of your project, create interest in your mission and accelerate the adoption of the real world. Let us begin.

1. Keep it simple, stupid

Do not focus solely on technical details, buzzwords and industry jargon. Explain things in a simple and detailed way so that people understand thoroughly the logic and the idea behind their project. Present your company in words, images and video. Speak with words that even non-technical people outside the encryption industry can understand.

For crypto-assemblies and the entire industry to grow and prosper, it is necessary to approach non-technological users. Make an extra effort to educate your target audience.

A normal person should be able to understand what your project is about after taking a look at your home page. Having a real concept that people can really grasp helps with marketing and communication.

2. Do not be a solution in search of a problem

The adjustment of the product market means that you are “in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market”. Your product needs to satisfy the need for a real market. You need to do a lot of market research to talk to real people and find out what their problems are and how their technology can help them solve them.

Do not be a solution in search of a problem. Be a solution to a problem Ask yourself tough questions, including:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What is the concept?
  • What is the business model?

Find out what your project is doing, what real problem your technology is solving for real people or companies, and what your brand and mission represent. The best teams with the best products will fail if they do not find a market and do not create a product that meets the needs of real people.

3. Be transparent and open

Be sincere on your website and your other platforms. Explain who you are and your team. Show your funds. What makes you the right team to address the specific problem you are addressing? What is your experience and why should we trust you?

Position and differentiate your startup. Do not be afraid to talk about your competitors and similar projects and compare yourself. Try to explain why people should believe in their product versus competing projects through positioning and differentiation.

But remember that the bigger your idea is, the harder it will be to achieve it and the greater the chances that it will disappoint. Think big, but take smaller steps and goals at the same time. It’s healthy for a startup to start small and take small steps toward a long-term overview that can be revealed at a later date.

4. Customize your cryptographic boot with resources for the client

Personalize your startup with resources for clients such as social media marketing specialists, blog writers, designers, storytellers, community managers, customer service representatives and public relations professionals. This will help with communication, the creation of content, the reach, the growth of the audience and the management of a committed community.

The resources are adjusted? This could be an interfunctional position, or even several team members working in these areas for a certain percentage of their total time (maybe something like Google’s 20% rule) or even that the founder herself plays a more important role In communication. You start small and build a bigger team for the client as you go.

5. Make sure your developers and vendors talk to each other

Your marketing staff is not necessarily a mathematician, cryptographer or developer. In most cases they are like the people you are trying to reach.

They are the people who will represent your company in front of potential clients. This is the reason why communication between developers and marketing specialists is fundamental. They need to be aligned.

You want to help marketers understand your project and its development progress in order to better communicate it to other non-technology people.

Without clear internal communication, there will be misunderstandings and lack of clarity not only within your marketing team, but also with those to whom your message arrives.

6. Take mass marketing measures

There are many cryptoassets and startups, so if you want attention, you must carry out massive marketing actions to obtain it. Without you taking the time to divulge your project to a new audience, it will be difficult to grow. These are some of the activities you must perform regularly:

  • Create excellent content and distribute that content to large platforms
  • Join the discussions in the community in general and help people get out
  • Get in touch proactively with different publishers and influencers, such as currency review sites and YouTubers.
  • Get yourself as a guest on podcast programs

7. Start building your prospect database from the beginning

Every company needs customers. Be it B2B or B2C. You must work on the adoption of your product from the beginning.

Be proactive Get in touch with your target market, establish relationships, grow your potential email database. Email is one of the strongest tools you have in your marketing toolbox. It is an open platform and a direct line of communication with you in full control, unlike centralized social media platforms that can change their algorithms or business models at any time they wish.

Contact and initiate possible association proposals with other cryptoassets and other companies to see how you can work strategically together. Association news is widespread in the world of cryptography and can generate synergies for all parties involved.

The sooner you start, the more prepared you will be for the day your product is launched and ready to open the doors to the first customers. Without this early work, you will open the door but no one will appear.

8. Establish a presence where your target audience is

The audience should not come near you, you should go where the audience is. Determine on which platforms you want to have an official presence. There are many possibilities in the cryptography space from  Medium  for your text content, YouTube for your video content, Twitter as the key social network, up to Telegram, Reddit, Slack or Discord to host your community.

Create coherent, professional-looking and regularly updated profiles on the different social media platforms and establish your presence in places where people spend their time. Make sure that your brand, your marketing and your presence on social networks are all aligned and tell a coherent story about your company and your mission.

And make sure your content strategy matches the message to the specific medium.

9. Create a center for your project

Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Slack and others are great tools that will help you grow your audience, but they are terrible to keep your content files visible.

You can do a great question and answer session today and tomorrow you will be lost forever amid the noise of a large Telegram group. Almost nobody will see it after that first day. That’s a waste of a great content opportunity and it can be done better.

Publish, organize and select all your content on your blog or on your website as well:

  • A center that you control and that you own the domain name of.
  • A center that is easily locatable and navigable.
  • A center that Google and other search engines can discover and index in their search results.

In this way, none of your great content will ever be lost. It will infuse extra life with people who discover its content even weeks or months after it has been published initially.

Source:  hackernoon.com

About the author: Mauricio Sevilla