Differentiating your ICO from other projects through strategic marketing innovation

The world has indeed improved in technology in the last two decades more than any other time in history. The trend is not poised to end yet because, even more, technological advancements are bound to happen in the coming years. Blockchain technology is one of the technological advancements that happened in the last decade, the use of a centralized ledger system secured with an end to end encryption to send money from one person to another. Through the advent of this technology, many companies are now raising money for their projects through initial coin offerings (ICO). With the advent of scam projects due to the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency and the rise of other projects, it is becoming more and more difficult to start an ICO. To develop a successful ICO today requires strategic planning, innovation and marketing strategies that we’ll discuss in this article.
A successful ICO starts with a well written, comprehensive and easy to understand white papers, many ICO projects neglect this fact. Potential clients while reading their whitepapers are often pissed off by the badly written lines of the first few paragraphs of their ICO white paper. A badly written white paper may prevent potential investors from contributing to your ICO because they simply to see a future in what you are creating. They easily compare your ICO to scam projects around. Scammers and con artists are only interested in swindling in investors of their money. Do you want to build something of value? You must write a compelling, captivating and organized white paper. It is always recommended to hire a team with a history of writing white papers for successful ICO projects. You must write your draft in a way that is easy to understand and free from every form of ambiguity. You should avoid confusing your investors in what your company is trying to achieve.
Building a good brand is also very important in building a successful ICO project. The combination of websites, white paper, mission statement and brand awareness form a solid brand name. One of the greatest mistakes new cryptocurrency brands make is that they promise short-term profits after their ICO. They often forget the fact that that they are not in control of the market forces in the cryptocurrency market. An ICO company should offer a long-term solution to investors rather than focusing on a rise to the moon agenda that attract short-sighted investors. Swift and efficient customer service are germane to building an ICO brand. Currently, most ICOs provide customer support through email and Telegram. When building a brand on Telegram you should provide round the clock community managers to provide customer support to all time zones. Trained community managers are also important, the type of response from your community managers often determine the way investors will see your brand.
Marketing is the heart of a business venture, so is making potential investors know about your brand. Do not promise unrealistic gains as most scam ICO does. Provide something of lasting value to them and you’ll attract investors of value not quick money making investors. Advertising channels like pay per click advertising are also important in marketing your product to potential investors, testing and revealing targeting another important way of attracting potential investors. You can also hire a marketing company to help you with your campaigns while focusing on other important parts of your ICO. There are many companies offering ICO marketing but Brandcrypt is among the leaders, providing an holistic approach in building a strong ICO brand, they create ambassadors that multiply themselves through social media and SEO strategies. They believe in long term value so they help you build confidence in your projects.
In this article we have learnt several ways to build a successful ICO through strategic planning, marketing and innovation. Someone once said ICO is dead, ICOs are not dead. As a matter of fact, ICOs are going stronger every day. With strategic planning and holistic approach to building a strong brand and long-term value, you can differentiate your ICO from other projects and scams.

About the author: BrandCrypt