Introducing ICOboost™ – the ICO marketing methodology

The right messages at the right moment for the right audiences

Having an innovative project, with a solid business model and tokens economy with a capable and experienced team does not ensure the success of an ICO.

ICOboost - a winning methodology

With the number of offers and communication channels, the search for investors is a difficult task that requires much more than a vast experience in communications.

Hence, startups need to capture the attention of the right audiences at every moment of the ICO marketing process.

It does not make any sense to invest big amounts of money in communication in this phase of the startup, when resources are very limited.

It is possible to plan and execute a communication strategy focusing resources in such a way that it is not only about adjusting costs, but being effective with the right messages at the right timing, following the ICO needs..

For this we have designed a methodology to create a specific marketing and communication strategy for each ICO: the ICOboost™. Because every ICO is a world.

Ultimately, the execution of this strategy have to work as a fundamental support for the management team.

Founders can then leverage in the messaging platform to convince the different types of investors.

We developed our business model in such a way that we see our work as an investment. At the end believe and get involved with our clients as partners, fellow travelers.

Brandcript has engaged with great communication partners to achieve the best possible impact in markets and potential investors.

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