Telegram is planning the biggest ICO in history

The world’s largest messaging giant, Telegram, just stared the largest and most ambitious Initial Coin Offering that has been tried so far. It is planned to raise 600 million dollars in a closed offer and later another 600 more to the public between February and March, these grandiose sums of money, consolidate an amount of 1,200 million, which by almost 4 times the 257 million collected by Filecoin recently.

This ambitious proposal comes timely in an environment of uncertainty for the ICO, with the growing regulations that however could not prevent that in total in 2017, a sum close to 4 billion dollars will be collected.

This project is focused on becoming the main currency for payments, including as an added value the implementation of a multi blockchain architecture, which could compete with Visa or Mastercard, since for example Bitcoin can make an average of 10 transactions per second.

A large messaging such as Telegram, gives the ICO a level of historical confidence that will undoubtedly make any person, when the time wants to invest.

The private sale process includes benefits of discounts up to 50% of the price that the public sale will have. The name of the tokens will be Grams, they are expected to be ready for the following year, so the specific purchase is a promise of tokens, which at least in the process of the public offer will have a refund system in case it is necessary.

The future of this currency is still unpredictable and there is no way of knowing if this ambitious scope can be achieved, however, that a company such as Telegram decides to enter the cryptocurrency market says a lot of fabric remains to be cut with the ICO.

About the author: Mauricio Sevilla