The beginning of decentralized social networks

The beginning of decentralized social networks

The start of Blockchain technology has been seen by a representative sample of players in the technology industry, such as Oracle and Microsoft, who have already invested heavily in their research and use for several of their operating arms. Facebook is the latest technology giant to join the movement with the launch of a research on the application of this 21  st  century technology concept to help improve the operations of its platform.

Facebook has appointed its current Messenger boss, David Marcus, to guide the company’s blockchain initiative. Marcus has been running Facebook’s messaging application since 2014 and has led its astronomical growth in recent years. Before joining Facebook, he was president of Paypal and has expressed his support for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. I used to be a board member of Coinbase, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange and wallet.

David Marcus will lead the blockchain team of Facebook with the support of other Facebook and its subsidiary executives like Instagram, this is according to deeply rooted sources.

It is believed that the corporation has turned to blockchain to help with its data protection campaign   , especially in the wake of its recent debacle in the Cambridge Analytica episode. David Marcus confirmed the announcement of this on  his Facebook page,  where he lets him know that he is excited about the new role he has been playing to help lead a paradigm shift in the company’s affairs. He will join James Everigham, vice president of engineering on Instagram, as well as Kevin Weil, vice president of products on Instagram.

Before being hit by the data breach scandal of March 2018, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had expressed his desire to understand the operation of the blockchain technology earlier in January of this year, and this move could simply be influencing the broader vision of the founder. With David Marcus assuming this new responsibility, he will be replaced by Stan Chudnovsky as Messenger boss. Chudnovsky is the previous product manager in the same Messenger.


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