Three ICO, which is worth paying attention

Three ICO, which is worth paying attention

The authors and developers of all new projects based on blockchain technology continue to use ICO to attract financing, as well as attention to their companies and products.

Mina Energi (ETK)

Energi Mine is a blockchain project in the energy sector. The objective of the project is to decentralize energy markets by promoting energy efficiency costs. The service monitors the use of electricity and processes the information using a technology block to find possible ways to reduce companies’ electricity consumption. Energi Mine has already raised $ 11 million during the pre-ICO and reached $ 15 million during the open sale of EnergiTokens.

Medicalchain (MedToken)

Medicalchain is the first British company to offer the use of blocking technology in health care. Currently, the Medtokens pre-sale is closed, but soon it is planned to launch open sales. The Medicalchain service will give patients access to their medical records by blocking them.

This technology finds its application in several areas, for example, it is capable of improving online consultations in telemedicine. Existing telemedicine services, including Babylon, offer patients the opportunity to consult a doctor remotely, but the doctor, in this case, does not have access to medical history. With the help of Medicalchain, clients can authorize access to their medical records.

In addition, you can anonymously sell data on your health status to research organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. In this case, the payment will be made to Medtoken, which can then be spent on medical services.

Telegram (TON)

Messenger Telegram will attract investments for more than two billion dollars. In case of successful achievement of the established objective, this ICO will become the largest in all history. Telegram plans to create a block with additional features, including correspondence, application security and data storage service.

Investors will not receive their tokens until at least the end of 2018, which means that the TON cryptocurrency will not be sold on stock exchanges until next year. If Telegram is able to keep its promises, in the near future, it can expect ICO to start from other large companies, whose activities are not related to the blockade.


About the author: Mauricio Sevilla